• Tail light tinting
  • Tail light tinting 1
  • Tail light tinting 2
  • Tail light tinting 3

Why not make your taillights look more elegant? Tinted tail lights are regular tail lights that have been tinted to give them a muted appearance. This can set you apart from the grey mass and create a unique look for your car, highlighting its style and sophistication, as well as extend the operational life of the lights.

We offer two options for tail light tinting:

    Smoked With Plasti Dip
  • Temporary and removable solution. Usually lasts on one’s taillights for about 1-2 years and is a very inexpensive option for a high-quality look.
    Spray on State-Of-The-Art Tint
  • A permanent solution that lasts the cars lifetime.

We have 3 Color options for your taillights:

LIGHT Tail light tinting 4
MEDIUM Tail light tinting 5
DARK Tail light tinting 6
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